Combining stones with each other in jewellery

Combining stones with each other in jewellery

In order for jewellery with stones to delight with beauty and benefit the owner, it is worth paying attention to the color harmony and energy compatibility of minerals. Correctly selected stones look great next to each other and are in energetic harmony, unsuitable specimens are “lost” in an unfortunate neighborhood and can negatively affect a person. Having studied the information about the compatibility of stones in jewellery from different sides, we share our conclusions.

Color compatibility of stones in jewellery

  • Red. This is the color leader, he does not tolerate any neighborhood. It is better not to combine jewellery with red inserts with other colors. It is optimal to wear a set in a single color scheme; in some cases, rubies can be supplemented with transparent diamonds.
  • White, transparent. Such stones are rightfully considered universal, because they are suitable for all other minerals. The most striking example is the diamond, this group also includes onyx and pearls.
  • Blue, light blue. Inserts of these tones are in harmony with any color except black, orange and yellow.
  • Green. Emeralds and other minerals of green shades look harmoniously next to stones of any color except red.
  • Black. Not the most successful combination – black minerals next to purple, blue, crimson specimens. Dark crystals are not recommended to be worn together with gray and brown, orange ones.
  • Yellow. The yellowness is poorly set off by purple and blue tones, other combinations with yellow stones look decent.

When making jewellery with multi-colored stones, jewelers take into account the transparency, brightness and warmth of the shades. For example, transparent cubic zirconia and diamonds are successfully combined with colored transparent stones, examples of saturated shades are combined with each other, minerals of cold or warm colors are combined in one piece.

Astrological compatibility of stones with each other in jewellery

Stones are grouped according to their belonging to the elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air), properties and energy. Stones, like the signs of the zodiac, are considered to be associated with planets. Some minerals are neutral, others are perfectly combined and enhance each other’s action, others are at enmity. To get the most out of jewellery with stones, astrologers recommend taking into account the compatibility of minerals and not wearing “warring” jewellery at the same time.

If you wear incompatible minerals, they will suppress each other, which will affect the condition of their owner – both the physical and emotional state of a person can worsen.

General rules for choosing stones for astrological compatibility

In one decoration or image, the stones of the antagonistic elements cannot be combined.

You cannot combine minerals of opposite signs of the zodiac.

The sign of the zodiac, the elements of a person and a mineral must coincide or be harmoniously combined.

Minerals of the same element enhance each other’s action.

Planets and their guide stones

  • The sun. All red, yellow and golden yellow specimens. Aventurine, diamond, amber, ruby, garnet, hyacinth.
  • Moon. All colorless, white, translucent blue specimens. Moonstone, opal, coral, aquamarine, selenite, beryl, rock crystal.
  • Jupiter. Blue minerals. Sapphire, turquoise, lapis lazuli, blue topaz.
  • Mercury. All lilac, purple specimens. Amethyst, topaz, turquoise, emerald, agate, chrysolite.
  • Mars. Red and red-brown minerals. Jasper, diamond, carnelian, bloodstone, ruby.
  • Venus. All green specimens. Malachite, emerald, sapphire, amazonite, pearls.
  • Uranus. Minerals with the effects of opalescence, iridescence. Labrador, fire opal.
  • Neptune. Instances of greenish-blue shades. Rock crystal, moonstone, aquamarine.
  • Saturn. Dark, black minerals. Morion, onyx, jet.

Pluto. Jasper, rauchtopaz.

Combining stones with each other in jewellery

Compatibility of the most popular stones in jewellery

Amethyst: combination with other stones

Successful: diamond, aquamarine, zircon, rock crystal, moonstone, tourmaline, sapphire. Unsuccessful: malachite, jade, emerald

Lapis lazuli: combination with other stones

Successful: aventurine, diamond, garnet, opal, golden topaz, rock crystal.

Unsuccessful: malachite, jasper.

Turquoise: combination with other stones

Successfully: pearls, opal, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, moonstone, malachite, agate, coral.

Unsuccessful: jade, red garnet, onyx, sardonyx

Amber: combination with other stones

Successfully: labrador, carnelian, topaz, quartz, diamond, agate.

Unsuccessful: hematite, onyx

Obsidian: Combination with other stones.

Successful: Rhinestone, Moonstone, Emerald.

Unsuccessful: ruby, aventurine, chrysolite, diamond.

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Not all combining stones goes well

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