Choose engagement ring

Choose engagement ring

Top 5 tips for choosing your engagement ring.

We have turned an energy-consuming process of finding the perfect engagement ring into a 10-minute process.

1. Decide on a budget. This will greatly reduce the number of options.

2. Make your wildest desires come true, indicate specific parameters easily on our website. This will help our jewelers create the right engagement ring for you.

3. Lean on the preferences of your bride to be. Choose a ring that is similar to what she likes or might like. To do this, answer these questions: What jewellery does she wear? Silver or Gold? Is it more classic or modern? Is she more outgoing or shy? Will simple or flowery jewellery suit her?

4. Know her ring size, this is the starting point for your upcoming purchase. It is always best to buy a ring a little larger, because shrinking a ring is easier than enlarging.

5. Choosing the right style that will best suit your bride to be. Start by choosing the diamond cut and then the setting.

Remember, choose a stone size that will suit her lifestyle. Then focus on the color and shape that she will be able to wear with jeans or an evening gown.

Choose engagement ring

Pay attention to the composition. Round, oval and marquise diamond cuts are successfully combined with other gemstones in multi-stone set rings. Pear and heart cut diamonds are better choices for as a solitaire.

Lovers of unusual shapes will appreciate a heart or pear cut diamond. Strict rectangular cuts such as a princess or cushion cut diamond are more timeless. If you are not sure about your choice, choose a classic round or oval shaped diamond.

One more nuance. The fewer facets a stone has, the higher the quality and higher the price will be. The facets on the stones retract and reflect light which make the stone sparkle. If you are looking for a higher quality diamond, an excellent to very good cut emerald, princess or round diamond with a clarity of VS1, VS2 or SI1 will be the right choice.

What diamond shape is your favorite?

To order your individual engagement ring visit our Jewellery page on our website.
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