Charm Necklace, Letter L for a client

Charm Necklace, Letter L for a client


A letter charm on your necklace can mean anything you want it to be. It can be the capital letter of the first or last name of its owner, or it can be a secret key to the heart of someone special. You can encrypt the name of a special place, where you confessed your love, or the city where you got married. The letter can be a reference to your favourite movie, book or hero. You can symbolise anything, embody the most interesting and unusual ideas in one small pendant made of precious metal and gemstones.


Pay attention to the understated yet elegant font. No unnecessary details that oblige you to adhere to any style of clothing or combination with other jewellery. You can wear the letter charm necklace every day or only wear it for special occasions.

Individual design of your charm necklace

Like any of our other jewellery, letter charm necklaces are distinguished by their unique appearance. The size and font are the same for the entire collection, but the choice of metal, type and quantity of stones is in your hands. Individual wishes of our client is always a priority for us.

On our website you can find examples of the letters E, D, M, S, С, A.

This charming L-shaped pendant necklace is custom made:

? 14K Yellow Gold

⚪ Mother of pearl

? 2 Round Brilliant Diamonds

After a customised order inquiry with a detailed description of the design, we will send you a 3D digital  image of the jewellery for approval. The manufacturing and delivery process takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks.

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