Can I wear a ring on a chain around my neck?

Why wear a ring on a chain around the neck

A ring with an unusual design will hardly surprise anyone today, but a ring on a neck chain is of genuine interest – after all, most people prefer to wear these jewellery on their fingers. We found out why men and women put a ring on a chain and wear it as a pendant – it turned out that there are many reasons and they are varied.

Why wear a ring on a chain around the neck

Each owner of a ring on a chain has its own reason – someone just likes to wear the jewellery that way, someone outweighed the ring around his neck for practical reasons. Here are the most common reasons why a ring is worn on a neck chain:

The decoration interferes with your daily activities. Some people are so sensitive to any kind of jewellery that they feel discomfort during the day – when doing manual labor, exercising, doing housework. It is inconvenient to constantly put on and take off rings, you can just forget about them or even lose them, so putting them on a jewellery chain is a good decision.

Sometimes it is simply necessary to remove the ring from the finger – there are many professions in which jewellery on the hands is inconvenient and can even lead to injuries. Builders, doctors, massage therapists, auto mechanics are just a few examples where rings can become a hindrance. There are cases when the ring clings to a tool or mechanism parts, and serious injuries have occurred – the finger simply tore off. When it comes to safety and health, putting a ring on your neck chain is a smart decision.

Constantly wearing the ring can be uncomfortable due to the presence of health problems of the fingers and hands – discomfort is caused by swelling, joint diseases, and inflammation. Also, rings are removed by people who have injured fingers – bruises, scratches and abrasions when in contact with jewellery cause pain.

The ring may simply not fit in size, so it is impossible to wear it on your hand. Different things happen – they can give a ring of the wrong size, but you can’t exchange it or you just don’t want to. It happens that the size of the fingers has changed – a person has lost or gained weight, but does not want to change the size of the ring.

As a pendant rings are often worn, when they were inherited from people dear to their hearts. Widows put on the chain of their former husbands’ engagement rings, like the rings of their beloved grandparents wear pendants.

The amulet ring is worn as a pendant. This happens especially often with rings that have a non-standard design – they are difficult to combine with other jewellery on the fingers, so the talisman ring becomes a neck decoration.

In ancient times in Europe, a girl who responded to an offer to marry with a refusal could still accept a ring from a man as a gift. She did not wear it on her finger, but put it on as a pendant – this meant that the man had the hope that over time the girl’s opinion could change and she could agree to marry him.

The meaning of a ring on a chain for athletes

During sports, a ring on a finger can simply interfere. Depending on the sport, some take off all jewellery completely during training, while others train with a ring on a chain. Some athletes begin to wear a ring like this on a permanent basis – it is convenient, always with you, does not get lost and does not interfere.

The meaning of a ring on a chain on a neck of pregnant women

The body of a pregnant woman can suddenly “please” with edema – there are cases when a woman’s fingers swelled so much during the night that it was impossible to remove the ring and had to literally see it off. It’s good if only the ring suffers, because you can injure your finger.

With  the predisposition of pregnant women to edema, doctors recommend removing jewellery from fingers. The most valuable ring – an engagement, wedding or talisman ring – can be hung on a chain so that it is always there.

As you can see, there are many reasons why they wear a ring on a chain. And in most cases, there is no special sense in this – it’s just that people are so comfortable or they do it for security reasons. Take note of this method when you are swimming in the sea or doing manual labor – after all, the ring can easily slip off your finger, and it is also easy for them to catch on to something or just scratch the jewellery. And on the chain the ring is intact, and the fingers are free!

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