Boy and girl charm bracelet

 Boy and girl precious charm bracelet will spark of joy and memories

Our charm collection featuring this boy and girl charm bracelet will spark joy and memories. This piece is a symbol of life and love. A precious jewel to always keep your children close to your heart.

You can use your imagination to dress up your boy or girl by choosing your own unique combination of stones. Red rubies for little princesses and blue sapphires for little princes.

To make the piece special, the back of the charm can be engraved, either with initials or birth date of your little kids.

Children charm collection is made in the form of pendants for girls and boys, embodied in various types of jewellery: bracelets, neck pendants, earrings. The flagship model of the collection is a bracelet with children’s pendants, which no mother will remain indifferent to.

A bracelet with charms for girls and boys will always remind of the most valuable thing in a mother’s life. Each product of the collection is filled with a special meaning, it contains love, care and tenderness that we feel for our closest ones.

Bracelets for mothers are available in white, pink or yellow 14K gold. Each bracelet with children’s pendants can be decorated with precious stones of various shades: white or black diamonds, pink or pale pink sapphires, hot pink rubies, blue or light blue sapphires, yellow or orange sapphires, green tsavorites.

In our children charm collection, the individuality of each bracelet for mum is preserved. Boys can choose a blue or green suit, and girls a pink or yellow dress. Or, on the contrary, completely sprinkle pendants with white or black diamonds, as a sign of brevity and severity. The engraving of the child’s name and date of birth will make the gold bracelet with children’s pendants individual.

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