Beautiful and comfortable: the secret of the perfect tiara

Beautiful and comfortable: the secret of the perfect tiara

The famous phrase “beauty requires sacrifice” is pretty outdated today. Even the most desperate women of fashion are increasingly choosing from the other available exactly the thing in which you can spend the day with relative comfort.

But nevertheless, to the last it seemed to us that all this could not in any way relate to such a complicated decoration as a diadem for hair. After all, all these crowns are most likely heavy and uncomfortable!

How to wear

Thin tiaras with soft lines can be positioned directly above the forehead. If this is a wedding dress, then the veil is not worn in this position.

For hairstyles with bangs, a tiara looks great on the front of the head at the base of the bangs. Most often, the decoration is located in the middle of the crown. In this case, the diadem should be at an angle of 45 degrees to the head. This is the optimal tilt so that it is not too vertical or unnaturally tilted.

For a complex high hairstyle with a tiara, it is possible that the accessory encircles the hair gathered in a bun. Sufficiently flexible and not very bulky, the diadem fits nicely around the hairstyle. You can also decorate just the top center by securing the tiara with a comb.

In some cases, the tiara can even be placed on the back of the head, for example, in combination with a Greek hairstyle. If the diadem is a hoop, then it is worn like a hoop, hiding the ends with hair.

How to fix

Tiaras require special attention when attached to the hairdo. These are not hairpins, but hair ornaments, so they themselves need reliable fixing methods. The tiara studded with stones is also quite tangible in weight. So that the accessory does not move, does not fall, does not constrain movement and does not squeeze the head, it must be properly attached.

The simplest option is a tiara comb. It sticks in your hair like a regular comb. Some tiaras may have teeth at the ends to help fix the accessory. But there are not enough of them. Therefore, the most proven way is to use invisibility. They are crossed with the letter “X” and the tiara is fixed in several places. Invisibles should match in color with the shade of the hair, this will make them as invisible as possible.

The hoop tiara does not require special means to secure it. The main thing is that the size of the jewelry matches the volume of the head.

It is more difficult to attach a tiara to short hair. A hairstyle with smooth hair near the face looks beautiful. Thus, the diadem will occupy the central place, as it should be according to the status.

Which one to choose

Regardless of the circumstances under which a girl will wear a tiara, the main “secret of success” is the adornment’s compliance with the anatomical features of the future mistress. When fulfilling orders, it is important to take into account the size and wishes – how the girl plans to wear the jewelry, at what angle and with what hairstyle. If everything is done correctly, in the responses from the customers there are approximately the following phrases: “the diadem is light, I forget that it is there”, “does not press, does not press behind the ears, but it also does not fall off”, “does not cling to the hair, keeps strands”. All of this is extremely important!

Beautiful and comfortable: the secret of the perfect tiara

Greek style headband

The “Greek” headband is put on from behind, that is, from the back of the head. The decorative elements on this hoop tiara are located at the temples, and it can be beautiful beads, stones or delicate curls. A girl can fix several strands around the metal strip – in fact, the accessory will shape and support the Greek hairstyle. By the way, this tiara is also suitable for those with short haircuts. The hair at the back of the head can be pulled over the metal band for a beautiful look.

Beautiful and comfortable: the secret of the perfect tiara

Tiaras on the forehead

Today, one of the most popular are exquisite forehead jewelry. Including these are tiaras, at the base of which there is a rim that repeats the bend of the head. It is not required to attach such a tiara separately. A feature of this model is that it is convenient to put it on already in the finished hairstyle, without breaking anything. The main thing is that the decoration exactly matches the size and shape of the head.

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