Back to the future: 10 jewellery reinvented

Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets – these jewellery have been with us for many hundreds of years. It seems that nothing new can be invented – we know everything that designers can offer in advance.

With this approach, you can miss out on all the fun. How did the jewellery of antiquity evolve and why is jewellery far from conservatism? Here are 10 powerful arguments.

Back to the future: 10 jewellery reinvented

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are jewellery that, unlike ordinary earrings, “cling” to the ear cartilage without requiring a puncture.

They appeared in the days of Ancient Greece. But despite the rich history, the look of cuffs is changing as rapidly as the fashion itself.

Initially, they took the form of flowers and plants, lengthened the ear in an elven manner, or depicted the silhouette of a dragon.

Now the design is becoming somewhat “modest”, keeping pace with the times. Most often, on the websites of jewellery brands, you can find laconic rings and curls on the ear cartilage. They can be worn every day without any discomfort.

The popularity of ear cuffs is due to the fact that due to their shape, they draw attention not only to the ear, but also to the hair, neck, and face shape. They look elegant and are easy to wear – due to the shape, the load on the ear is evenly distributed.

Back to the future: 10 jewellery reinvented


Chatelain is a chain with clips on which all sorts of household items were attached, like keys or a small wallet. The peak of its popularity fell on the 17th-19th centuries.

This jewellery did not rise from the ashes, like cuffs, but served as a “muse” for jewellery designers’ experiments.

The chatelaine mono-earring functions as earrings and necklaces at the same time, expressively emphasizing the curve of the neck, décolleté and face shape. This piece of jewellery can be worn both from the front and by throwing it back.

Back to the future: 10 jewellery reinvented

Bolo tie

In the traditional representation it is a cord wrapped around the neck and fastened with a clip in the form of a brooch. His appearance is well known to fans of films about the Wild West. It seems that the constant companions of a bolo tie are cowboy boots, a wide-brimmed hat and a plaid shirt. It is sacred to disagree with this.

The decoration has recently evolved, has taken on an elegant, sophisticated look. In the modern jewellery industry, a bolo tie is a thin chain wrapped around the neck that runs down the chest.

Back to the future: 10 jewellery reinvented

Signet ring

Such an adornment looks like an ordinary ring to which a “plateau” is attached, a flat area with various symbols.

Signet rings were previously used by noble men to put their seal on molten sealing wax when sending letters. Instead of a precious stone, they bore the family coat of arms or the owner’s initials.

Time passed – people with difficulty, but learned to put signatures, and signet rings ceased to be an exclusively male adornment. According to the canon, they are still worn on the little finger or on the ring finger.

The function of such rings has evolved: they have become the expression of an idea. The prints can “talk” about the cause of life, values ​​or attitude. Or, on the contrary, to form a “negative space”, a void in the place where information about you should be.

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