Amethyst jewellery

Amethyst jewellery

The amethyst is a stone of peace and sincere feelings. Amethyst jewellery heals the soul and soothes the nerves, as they say.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the amazing amethyst:

  • Amethyst is not only a February gem, it is the official gem of Wednesday, Jupiter, and it is also suitable for people born under the zodiac sign of Pisces.
  • Amethyst is the official stone of the province of Ontario.
  • Amethyst symbolizes deep love, happiness, chastity, sincerity and prosperity.
  • Amethyst was revered as the “jewel of the gods.”
  • Amethyst rings are traditionally worn by bishops. Some believe that amethyst brings good luck to petitioners.

Many farmers believe that wearing amethyst will protect their crops from hail and locust.

The Hebrew name for amethyst is “ahlamah”, which means “cure.” And this is not an accidental coincidence – since ancient times, litho therapists believed that stones can have a beneficial effect on both the psyche and the human body.

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Amethyst was the stone of Matthew, one of the twelve apostles.

Leonardo da Vinci believed that amethyst has the power to ward off unkind thoughts and positively influence the thought process, and also promotes discernment about business.

Prasiolite, a dark green variation of quartz, is sometimes mistakenly called amethyst.

Another bonus curious fact: in 2018, amethyst was actually the stone of the year, as the Panton color lab chose ultraviolet as the color of that year.

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Amethyst jewellery

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