Advantages of silver jewellery

Silver is not only a jewellery material, it is widely used in various industries involved in the manufacture of cell phones, computers, televisions. However, for jewellery, silver is undoubtedly the most demanded. What are the advantages of silver jewellery that allowed it to become the most common material?

  • Cost is the first one. Silver is many times more affordable than any other metal. But at the same time it is a precious material, which has given the global trends in the growth of prices for precious raw materials.
  • Silver is suitable for people with any skin color.
  • This metal is compatible with any kind of existing gemstones.
  • Caring for silver items does not take much time, you can restore the color of the metal at home.
  • Silver is a hypoallergenic metal.
  • It gives more design opportunities for craftsmen – jewelers to create exclusive products.
  • Jewellery made of silver retains the antiseptic, so there are healing properties of the material.

Worldwide use of silver

Considering all of the above advantages, it is not surprising that entire collections are created by famous trade brands are entirely composed of silver. In addition, the healing and mystical properties of the metal make it possible to use it as amulets and objects of esoteric cults.

Advantages of silver jewellery

Historical use of silver

Do not forget that in antiquity, silver was highly valued. Therefore, jewellery and products were created that are still passed down from generation to generation. The historical value of this metal can be noted. In the Middle Ages, dishes and interior items were often made of silver, which are now a real luxury.

Economic use of silver

And, of course, the economic value of silver. If we turn to statistics, then experts predict: in the next few decades, prices for silver jewellery will not change significantly. To date, more than 700 thousand tons of silver have been extracted from the bowels of the earth. So all crises will not greatly affect the cost, and the demand for silver is always high.

Considering the economic situation in the world and the use of silver in modern technologies, one more recommendation can be made. The use of silver for the creation of household items and interior items is expected to decrease soon. This is due to the fact that silver has become widely used in the technical industry, and jewelers will never forget about this metal. Accordingly, soon any silver dish can cost fabulous money.

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