Stud earrings, or studs, are one of the most famous kinds of diamond earrings. Studs are small, simple earrings. They are fit for everyday use. The size, shape and material of the earrings is a matter of personal taste. However, what they all have in common is that they are directly attached to the earlobe and do not dangle. A classic example of stud earrings are solitaire studs.


Hook clasp held in place behind the ear held in place by a hinged lever. Distinctive of the diamond hoops is the shape. These earrings come in many different sizes. From tiny 10 mm hoops to impossibly large hoops that are more than 70 mm.

English lock

English lock earrings are a smaller diamond hoop earrings and are a jewellery classic. They’re gorgeous, chic, and come in many different styles to suit your taste. These earrings feature a classic look that is anything but plain.


The tear drop that doesn't make you cry. The teardrop earring is elegant and classy. The drop hangs just below the earlobe and can either be adorned with precious gemstones or simple in pure metal. This style can add a bit of sparkle for any occasion.


When you hear the term ‘chandelier’ your mind probably immediately drifts off to lavish ballrooms with chandeliers on the ceiling. Well, your mind is not wrong. But instead of on the ceiling, the chandelier is attached to your ear. Chandelier earrings, or chandeliers in short, are ear jewels that hang like extravagant light fixtures. Just like a chandelier on the ceiling, the chandelier earrings instantly draw all the attention.


People often mistake dangles for drops. A dangle can be a drop but a drop cannot be a dangle. As you know, drop earrings do not move – unless they move together with the body. But diamond dangle earrings typically hang below the earlobe and move. There are countless of styles, sizes and types of dangle earrings. Some are very short and modest, like a single chain dropping from the hook and holding an ornament. But they can also be bigger and have multiple layers. Some dangle earrings are so big, they (almost) reach the shoulder.


The name already explains it. Diamond drop earrings are those that ‘drop’ just below the earlobe. They are stationary or move just a little bit. Often, the earring is all one piece. In rare occasions, the earrings are not completely solid, for example when there is a diamond or a gemstone hanging on the bottom. However most often, they are simply one piece. Because these earrings are so inflexible, drop earrings are usually not very large.


This type of diamond earring has a hook that goes through the pierced earlobe and is held in place by a hinged lever. The lever is attached to the back of the earring. Leverback earrings close completely, leaving no rough edges near the sensitive neck and ears. One of the benefits of the leverbacks is that they have a rounded back. This makes them very comfortable to wear.