These beautiful bracelets have a circular shape and an inflexible structure. Open bangles, on the other hand, are bangles that feature a gap on the wrist. Usually, these types of bracelets are thin and can be simple or ornate.


These types of bracelets resemble open bangles, but are usually wider. They are also chunkier as opposed to bangles. Some cuff bracelets may be adjustable.


You may know them by the name link bracelets but these types of bracelets are the most versatile ones. They feature a metal chain with a clasp that helps you secure the bracelet in place. Chain bracelets can have different styles depending on the chain type.


Elegant and with a very specific inline chain with gemstones, the tennis bracelets are classy and stylish. They can be worn for special occasion. The gemstones are usually diamonds or can be adorned with colored gemstones.