DVM Jewellery Switzerland ABOUT THE COMPANY


Precious jewellery is perhaps the most individual and exclusive part of your image. Every form, every metal, every gem is a reflection of a person’s soul, mood and temperament. We at DVM Jewellery Switzerland know this, and that is why we approach the creation of jewellery 100% individually.

Each jewel at DVM Jewellery Switzerland is a unique product that goes through all the stages of creation:

  • 1. Discussion of the desired design and original concepts.
  • 2. Development of preliminary sketches by artists and the approval by the client.
  • 3. Modeling and rendering for the most accurate visualization.
  • 4. Directly making jewellery by the hands of our craftsmen.

Thus, we create truly original and unique products. We are happy to embody the ideas of our customers and offer our own, based on their wishes. We use carefully selected metals and precious gemstones that will delight you for many years to come and be associated with the most pleasant moments in life. DVM Jewellery is a company that brings your wildest dreams to life. After all, a happy customer is our main jewel!

DVM Jewellery Switzerland - ABOUT THE DIAMONDS


Every diamond we use to create our jewellery is a true work of art. It is certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and is evaluated according to the 4C system:

  • Cut – cut;
  • Clarity – purity;
  • Color – color;
  • Carat – mass in carats.

The clarity of a diamond is its main indicator of the quality. Only the purest stones with the absence of defects are worthy of the name of pure water diamonds, that we offer to our customers.
No compromises, only top quality! Our diamonds are the true soul of every piece of jewellery.

DVM Jewellery Switzerland - ABOUT THE PRODUCTION


All the jewellery is created 100% individually by our craftsmen. Over the years, we have not created two identical pieces. Many of the work steps are done manually, which adds exclusivity and style to the jewellery. Our production is a combination of centuries-old jewellery traditions and the latest technologies, which together create truly unique things that have no analogues. You can order jewellery right now by discussing all the details with our specialist. We will take into account all your wishes and proceed to production as soon as possible. Very soon, a real work of art will be in your hands.

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